Listing Top Five Databases That You Are Most Likely To Use For Your Next Project

If you are working on a website or a project that is database driven, then you will be forced to choose from among the databases that are available to you. Many times the circumstance would dictate the type of database that you are going to use and you won’t have much of a choice. For example, if you are going for an open source website like WordPress and would be hosting on a shared environment, your choice of database would be quite limited to what the hosting companies offer. In this case, you will probably end up using MySQL on a Linux server. Similarly, if you are opting for a DotNetNuke or a nopCommerce website, the obvious choice would be to use MS SQL database on a Windows server. So as you can see there will be times, when you don’t have much of a preference and have to use what is best suited to a particular type of application and also by what your hosting company offers.

Top 5 Databases

However, there may also be times, when you are developing a custom application and then you can choose what database to use for your project. The main suppliers of database system include HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase etc.


Oracle gives you the option to choose from a variety of database versions that best suits you need and budget. The standard version of Oracle can be run on servers with 1 to 4 CPUs. If you need more processing power and require additional CPUs, then you have to convert to Enterprise Edition which packs in a lot more feature both in terms of performance and security. Enterprise Edition also does not have a cap of the amount of memory you can use. Oracle is perhaps the first name that would come to mind when you think about Enterprise grade database solutions.

DB2 From IBM

IBM’s DB2 is another very popular DBMS system available in the market. It has many versions designed to run on any type of platform like computers, mainframes and handheld devices. Some of the versions include Workgroup and Enterprise Edition. IBM shows significant cost savings if migrated from Oracle to DB2.

SQL Server From Microsoft

Again, it is a very popular database with companies using Microsoft products like Windows. If you are using a Microsoft Server, then you are most likely to use MS SQL Database as opposed to any other DBMS. Microsoft also offers an Express Edition which is free to use on servers.


MySQL has grown in popularity over the years and is now a popular choice for many. It powers hundreds and thousands of websites across the net and its popularity has only grown due to the emergence of popular open source CMS systems like Joomla and WordPress that uses MySQL database to store data. MySQL is currently owned by Oracle.


Sybase has been a major player in the DBMS Enterprise market for many years. Though their market share seems to have dwindled over the years they are returning with better and enhanced products for the mobile market.

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