Fully Managed WordPress Hosting & WordPress Maintenance Service

We provide a unique personalized service where we not only host your WordPress site but also maintain it for you.

Managed Hosting

We offer a fully managed hosting environment for you. Where everything is taken care of by us.


We provide consultation. Need advice regarding your website or the online aspect of your business? We have you covered.

Managed Website

And your website is also fully managed by us. We can add a new page or post for you. Edit content on your website, including images/videos. Updating WordPress, resolving issues & errors, updating plugins etc.

What is included?


  • Up to 2GB of space on our fully managed powerful cloud based server – (Ample Space for Your Website Files)
  • Servers are located in the US
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • We manage every aspect of hosting for you.
  • Consulting on Domain Name, DNS Management, Emails & Website related issues etc.
  • Assistance with setting up of third-party email management service like Google G Suite.
Please note: We do not provide emails. We would like to sign you up with a third-party email provider like Google G Suite.

So that your emails are independent of your hosting. Your emails are never affected if you ever decide to change hosts.


  • Up to 10 hours of website maintenance/consulting included each month (10hrs/month)
  • Fully managed website – We will need one admin username created for us, so that we can manage your site independently for you.
  • Website maintenance includes adding pages/posts, adding images/videos/graphics, editing content, updating WordPress, updating plugins, installation of plugins, resolving website issues, website backups etc.
  • Design alternations are not part of maintenance, except minor ones.
  • Priority support – Just send us an email and we take care of the issue for you.

What We Require From You?

  1. 01. When you sign up with us, we would need to move your existing website from your current host to your new hosting account with us.
  2. 02. You provide us with the hosting login details to your current server and we take care of all the complexities of shifting the site over to us. The process usually involves moving your database and website files.
  3. 03. You don’t need to move domain name to us if you are happy with your current domain name registrar. You can simply keep the domain where it is.
  4. 04. However, you will need to update the domain nameservers or A Record to the ones we provide you with. That way, your domain will point to its new hosting location with us. This step completes the hosting change over process. Your domain registrar can assist or we can do it for you if you provide us with the credentials.


HostingITrust offers a unique personalized service where we not only host your WordPress site but also maintain it for you. It is unique in the sense that it is not like a typical hosting service, where we provide the hosting infrastructure and you are required to take care of everything else.

We go much beyond that and provide you with a fully managed hosting environment where we care for all hosting aspects for you. In fact, we go beyond that and maintain your WordPress site for you too. We can add pages/posts on your site. Update your WordPress core and update plugins & themes. Diagnose & correct errors & issues. Anything related to your website, and we are there to help.

So you can concentrate fully on your business development and leave the website hosting & maintenance to us. In other words, we provide a fully managed website for you.

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