HostingITrust is a part of Ray Creations. And it mainly deals with the Hosting aspect of the business. We provide you with the best hosting for WordPress. Ray Creations handles the web design, development, and website maintenance part of the business.

We facilitate domain registration and provide you with web hosting for your WordPress websites. The primary difference between other hosting companies and us is mainly the fact that we provide personalized services.

We do not sell in bulk and do not identify each customer with a customer id. Rather we recognize each customer by their name. Hence, we provide a highly personalized service to our privileged global customers.

Of course, our domain control panel follows the industry standard. And therefore, you would have a customer id under which all your domain names are held. This is to automate everything for you so that you can book your domain names, and transfer them to another registrar at will if you needed to.

However, at the end of the day when you purchase a hosting & maintenance package from us, you are a valued customer and we know you by name.

For support related issues, you can simply email us from your registered email id and we take care of your issues for you. No complicated ticketing system, nothing. We know who you are and the last time we interacted with you, the issues you had and the resolution we provided.

We know this because you are a valued customer and because we provide a highly customized & personalized solution for each of our customers.

Editor’s Note: This page has been edited extensively for accuracy and relevancy. It was originally published on Aug 02, 2012.