Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog.

HostingITrust has a Domain Authority of 58.
And it is a 10 years old domain.

It is definitely a good home for your well-written articles.

We accept articles related to the web hosting industry in general. You could write on a wide variety of subjects including those that are not directly related to hosting but may have an impact on the overall hosting industry.

These could include the development of technologies that indirectly impact the hosting industry. We also accept guest post related to SEO, Link building, Inbound marketing, Digital marketing etc.

Article Format

There is no required format really for submitting your articles. You can submit your article in Word Doc, Rich Text Format, Text format, or simply email the article.

However, it is preferred that is submitted in a format that that is easy to read and understand. Word file or Google Drive works well.

Do I need To Include Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Appropriate images not only explain your point in a better way but also holds the reader’s interest.

Without images, articles look just too bland.
Therefore, we strongly advise in favor of adding images, gifs, screenshots etc. Anything that helps explain the context in a better way.

How To Submit Your Articles

You can send your articles in Word or text format. Include images wherever applicable and do not forget to include credits wherever required. Zip up everything in a neat file and send it over through email.

Send your articles to info[@] for review.

Link Back Policy

You will be allowed one “dofollow” link from the author bio.
And one “dofollow” link from the article body, to your website maybe permissible, if legitimate.

We are only interested in getting articles from real people. And not from ghost bloggers.

Therefore, we expect to have a bio of the author, with a link to their social profile. Let others know who you are.

Links are generally allowed in the body of the article. But they must be there to validate a point you are making. Or to point to a resource or a study that substantiates your point of view. We generally encourage linking to quality sites. But we reserve the right to omit a link or “nofollow” it, if we deem fit.

Required Article Length

There is no hard and fast rule defining the length of the article. However, we feel that if you write anything worthwhile and go into any bit of detail; you couldn’t do it in less than 1000 words.

So a decent article should be at least 1500 words. You have your clue there.

Important: Articles must be unique and should not have been published elsewhere.

We look forward to your articles.

Editor’s Note: This page has been edited extensively for accuracy and relevancy. It was originally published in Aug 02, 2012.