Top WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020

Top WordPress blogs to follow in 2020

WordPress and community are two words that often go hand in hand. The WordPress community (oh, here we go again) is vast and comprises of people from all around the world.

Within this community are people who run WordPress blogs that are aimed at educating WordPress users with fresh and unique content. Now, I won’t say all blogs are educational as some people enter the WordPress industry due to its popularity and because it gives them many opportunities to earn money. 

Top WordPress Blogs

So here goes the list of the top WordPress blogs that you should follow in 2020.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner website screenshot

Well, we all know wpbeginner. One of the first ones to enter the WordPress community with educational content was Syed Balkhi, owner of WP Beginner, who is now an entrepreneur and owns Awesome Motive.

Millions of WordPress users rely on WP Beginner for solutions to their WordPress problems. The content is easy to understand and every WordPress topic is explained thoroughly, covering every possible angle. 

Over the years, WP Beginner has not only gained the trust of WordPress users but also of influential personalities in the content marketing niche. The likes of Neil Patel and Chris Bogan endorse the quality of WP Beginner which is a big enough stamp of quality. 


WPblog is a relatively new entrant in the WordPress industry. Started in 2017, WPblog aims to cut through the noise to provide honest and unique content to WordPress users.

You will find amazing WordPress tutorials, reviews, comparisons and interviews of popular WordPress personalities on WPblog. 

What makes WPblog stand out is the fact that it creates content for the newer generation. WordPressers nowadays want to drag and drop elements and build their website without any coding.

These WordPress users neither have the time nor are they interested in long boring content which is exactly what WPblog doesn’t have. WPblog wants to teach WordPress and not bore its visitors so do expect some amazing stuff from their tutorials. 


Torque mag header screenshot

Torquemag is a WordPress blog powered by WP Engine, a popular WordPress managed hosting provider. It has quickly emerged as one of the most authentic WordPress resources for quality tutorials and reviews. 

The blog consists of a number of different writers each having their own tone and way of communicating their message. This has created an interesting blend where you will find a number of different types of content including WP Tutorials, thought leaders and much more.

WP Tavern

If you’re interested in WordPress news and insights, then WP Tavern is your go-to WordPress blog. It is owned by none other than Matt Mullenweg who treats this blog as his personal project and aims to take it to newer heights., Matt Mullenweg’s own project dedicated to research and development has the sole responsibility to look after the content of WP Tavern. 

Now that you know this WordPress blog is in safe hands, you must believe that the content quality is off the charts.

The news and insights that you read on WP Tavern are first hand, genuine and honest information about any update, event and other happenings in the community. 

WP Lift

WP Lift is another great WordPress resource that has branded itself as WordPress astronauts who explore the WordPress space to bring you quality and original content. This also makes it fun to read content at WP Lift. 

WP Lift’s content includes WordPress tutorials, theme reviews and discount coupons that are a great way to attract audiences to your blog. These coupons also provide great value for readers and serve as an incentive for the time they are giving to the blog.


codeinwp website screenshot

Codeinwp is the master of long-form, detailed, and researched content that provides great value to the readers. These content pieces are also ranked on difficult keywords because they are so well researched that readers are compelled to share them again and again. 

Apart from a blog, Codeinwp is A hub for WordPress freelancers, bloggers & creators.

It provides end to end guides for developers, freelancers, and bloggers so that they can create amazing things with WordPress.

WP Explorer

WP Explorer is a similar blog to Codeinwp where they publish detailed articles on WordPress topics to provide value to their readers. It offers useful guides on hosting, blogging, SEO, security, monetization and much more. 

Apart from that, WP Explorer develops themes and plugins for WordPress site owners. Whatever a WordPress user needs, WP Explorer has got it covered.

Final Words

The WordPress community is packed with amazing bloggers who are working hard to create unique content so that they can be heard. And at the same time contributing in making the community a better place.

I have listed such blogs in this article and if you think I missed your favorite one, do let me know in the comments.

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