Handling the Artistic Temperament as a Web Designer

One of the challenges that arises from being a web designer is that you have to operate in a unique position. You are an artist, but you are also a technical designer. You also have to translate the artistic vision communicated from the client into an actual website that meets the client’s expectations. If you find yourself struggling with handling clients and feeling emotionally frustrated whenever you are criticized, then you are not alone. This article is on Handling the Artistic Temperament as a Web Designer.

According to Psychology Today, the artistic temperament is quite common among web designers, cartoonists, and illustrators. The most common traits of this is an attachment to the artistic component, feelings of emotional possessiveness, a shortened temper, and a struggle to accept alterations to the project once completed. According to “Your Killer Emotions,” these emotions are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they can actually help you to do incredible work. The problem is that you have to keep them as positive rather than negative emotions.

Have a Stated Goal in Mind

You worked long and hard on the web design and getting it set up on the web hosting, and the client wants substantial changes. This is frustrating and insulting, particularly when you did the best you could with the information given. One of the ways that you can help yourself to handle this though is to specify one particular goal that you are focusing on. This goal might be as simple as getting through the meeting without losing your temper, or it might be the goal of establishing a positive relationship with your client. The act of choosing a goal will help you to become more objective. It will also help you to distance yourself from the artistic response.

Do Not Make Decisions When Emotional

If the worst happens and you lose your temper, then don’t make it worse by coming to a decision right then and there. It’s challenging. You may want to get some resolution right away, but if there is any way that you can, you need to get away and calm down. There’s nothing wrong with this. The artistic temperament influences your ability to convey emotions, actions, and passion in the web design. However, it will also cloud your judgment and make you inclined to poor decisions that ruin relationships.

If you cannot get away from the office for long or need to have a response quickly, then take a quick walk out of the office. If you can’t even manage that, then flex your hand back and forth. Several studies in Sports Medicine have revealed that athletes and other individuals who practiced this habit were able to reduce their stress levels and focus better on the matter at hand. Ideally though, get away and give yourself at least an hour or two before you make a decision.

Communicate Clearly

Learning to control your artistic temperament and prevent outbursts does not mean that you have to be a doormat. It’s very important that you state your requirements and your boundaries. If a client is making you redo everything and you did everything you could to make it just what he wanted, then you don’t have to do it for free. You need to make sure that you address these issues early on and that you address them clearly. This will also help keep you from feeling trampled. Yes, it is not easy handling the Artistic Temperament as a Web Designer, however, the above techniques will definitely help.

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