4 Different Services For Your E-Commerce Needs

E-Commerce is highly effective in online marketing that it already became a major part of sales campaign for online businesses whether big or small. The use of electronic commerce in web hosting packages is actually not a new idea because the concept has already been in existence even before it became popular in the worldwide web.  But this solution became such an effective tool for online businesses that today it is a must for almost any internet marketing campaign.   Big companies such as Amazon, Google, and eBay to name a few recorded much success in using e-commerce to propel their business.  Today, e-commerce dictates to a great extent how products and services are distributed in the worldwide web.  It can be applied to almost any type of market and can also be made to cater and serve specific purposes.


E-Commerce is highly effective in online marketing that it already became a major part of sales campaign for online businesses whether big or small.  It is used to generate more business, improving transaction flow as well as opening new opportunities.  In terms of customer experience, e-commerce also plays an important role because it can be used to give clients more ideas about the products or services being offered.  One of the strengths of using e-commerce is there is no longer a need for people interaction.  The customer can go over the site and decide whether to buy or not the products presented.

To get more ideas about how e-commerce works, let us look at some of the different services that can be used by an online business for this purpose.

1. Business-to Business (B2B)

This type of electronic commerce pertains to transactions between companies.  As the name suggests, it is used to facilitate the transfer of goods or services between businesses.  Think of it as a situation where the manufacturer sells its products to a wholesale buyer like a distributor.  The nuances involved in a business to business transaction are handled by this type of service.  Because the relationship is not as simple as seller to end-user type of arrangement, the system used in B2B includes managing credit lines, inventory management, credit worthiness and other applications that would normally be applicable only between companies.

2. Business To Consumer (B2C)

Online businesses have the ultimate goal of being able to sell goods or services to customers through the internet.  B2C facilitates this transaction between the business and the end-user. The website using this software displays catalogues of products where the customer can choose.  It comes with the price for a particular item and once it is chosen, it will be added to the cart.  All items chosen will be made available in the cart and ready for payment upon check-out.  The customer has the option to pay for all the items selected or to include more purchases depending on their preference.  The purpose is to make the customer experience more efficient and hassle-free.  Most E-commerce software also use product recommendation engines where the customers are introduced to products related to what they are looking for.

3. Consumer To Consumer (C2C)

This is one of the more popular forms of e-commerce solution that is being used nowadays.  It involves three parties to complete the transaction.  There are many websites that use this software and one example is eBay.  The site acts as the host or middleman for the transaction.  One party submits an item for bidding and the customers will bid.  The winning bidder will pay for the item and eBay or any site for that matter will get a commission from the auction.  It is a very effective system for selling goods online and even small business-minded individuals make money out of it.  Classified ads websites also use C2C software and this includes also manpower recruitment sites like Odesk and Elance to name a few.

4. Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Another type of e-commerce solution that is gaining popularity is mobile commerce.  The growing use of smartphones as a means to surf the internet has made it imperative on the part of businesses to make their products or services available to small devices with internet capabilities.  Depending on the web hosting package chosen, an app can be used in the website to make it mobile friendly.  On the part of Smartphone user, they can easily surf the website if it is condensed and made to fit their small screen.

E-commerce is also used by the governments to a large extent.  It covers their dealings with businesses, other governments and also with their employees as well other transactions that usually come along the way.  In today’s internet technology landscape, it is hard to find a business that will not benefit from the use of e-commerce programs.  This is one reason why when it comes to web hosting, the availability of e-commerce solutions for use in a new website is almost always made as part of the package deal.

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