Why It Is Beneficial To Switch Your Business Website to WordPress

Just making or creating a website is not enough. You will also need to manage it, market it, and update it on a regular basis. Not all types of websites offer ease and efficiency to perform such changes.

In the past, most of the website owners used to hire web designers, for making even the small changes on the websites. Fortunately, things have changed now, all thanks to WordPress. Now WordPress lets you manage your own content and you get a website that costs much less.


WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms that provide users with several features that help in easy and efficient setups, managing, updating, migrating, and also for troubleshooting the issues. Therefore, it is a perfect lunch-pad for promoting and marketing any small or mid-sized business.

Your business websites or blogs are the most important media for different types of communication, like sharing information about your expertise or opinions, promoting your business, engaging with your prospective customers, addressing and managing their concerns, sharing new updates and newsletters, for integration with social media networking websites, and lots more.

Therefore, if your business too, does not have an online presence, with a website or blog, then you can easily lose ground to your business competitors. With everyone carrying smartphones and smart-tabs these days, you cannot afford to overlook the business marketing potentials on the internet.

Your priority here would be to create an official website for your business. It will become the central point for all your internet marketing efforts, be it onsite or offsite.

WordPress is a user-friendly online blogging software, which comes with a full-fledged web content management system (CMS). Millions of websites and blogs are powered with this robust platform. Not only does it gives you the complete functionality to write your blogs, but you also get the power to manage and run it as a website effectively.

With several interesting themes and designs, you can create a brilliant website in just a few clicks. You can also design custom themes to give uniqueness to your web pages.

Still not convinced? Let us now check out some more benefits of building a WordPress powered website.

Simple Hardware And Software Requirements

To create websites using WordPress, you will not require knowledge of programming, technicalities, and other intricacies of creating websites. All you need is a good quality internet connection and a reliable web browser.

Extensive Support Tutorials And Community Support

WordPress has a huge, active, and supportive community that comprises of experienced professionals and blogging enthusiasts. If you have any questions, or if you need any clarifications, they will be more than glad to give you answers, and also suggest the best possible solutions.

These online forums and communities not only provide support but also help in exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge, even about the latest updates. One can easily become a part of this open community, on the official page of the WordPress support forum.

Innumerable Hosting Options

Hosting a WordPress site is super easy. Because of its popularity, there are innumerable hosts that offer specialized hosting only for WordPress. The requirements to host a WordPress site is really minimal. All it needs is a Linux based server with MySQL database support, which all established web hosts offer these days. It is adaptable enough to be run on Windows as well. Though it works best on a Linux server.

You can start off with a shared hosting account, and move up to VPS or a dedicated server as your requirement increases with the popularity of your site. Cloud-based hosting for WordPress is in my opinion the best as they are easily scalable.

No Need To Hire A Web Designer

WordPress provides hundreds of professionally designed themes, which are absolutely free to use. These themes impart a professional look to a website without spending time, money and energy.

However, you can have custom themes designed by the WordPress web design professionals for the first time. They will have the knowledge and experiences of creating successful websites. Subsequently, you can use those designs easily, for any new pages you add. You won’t need the professionals for adding new pages, adding images, making edits, etc.

No Coding Required To Add Functionality

WordPress offers functionality to websites in the forms of hundreds of plug-ins. These plug-ins are pre-coded to provide automated and complex features to a web page. So, for adding functionality to a website, you do not need to write any code, everything is readymade and is available through these plug-ins.

There are thousands of useful plugins made available by WordPress that directly add functionalities to the core system. You will be amazed at the kind of widgets that you can easily add to your web pages.

Search Engine Friendly

For the long term success of a website, it has to be search engine friendly, which is why you will need to optimize the pages to get the best results. WordPress helps you accomplish this objective. You also get free SEO plug-ins that make websites, more search engine friendly.

Managing Authors

WordPress also gives you the option for giving separate login IDs and specific user permissions to multiple authors. You can selectively give them permissions, like for editing, adding drafts, publishing, etc, depending upon their job roles.


WordPress platform offers an affordable and easy way to transform a normal website into a professional and attractive website. With plenty of useful inbuilt plugins, you can improve the user-experiences on your web pages.

Troubleshooting and maintenance can easily be performed. You can easily cut down the costs of hiring a dedicated coder. WordPress allows you to exercise complete control over your website.

About The Author:

Vick Parchani is a content marketer and social strategist at Magicdust. She has been a trusted voice in the search world since 2007 and is most known for her brutally honest search observation.

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