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What Should Be Sitting on a Web Designers Bookshelf: The Delicious List of 13 Must-Read Books for Web Designers

One of the biggest myths we’ve heard all decade is that books aren’t relevant anymore. Admittedly, the age of social media made it more popular to read books on e-Readers, smartphones, tablets and other form of mobile electronic devices. In fact, web designers and developers expressed increasing eagerness for online resources, preferring to turn to articles on the Internet when 

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10 FAQ’s About Green Hosting

Have you ever heard of green web hosting? If not, don’t despair; here are ten frequently asked questions about green hosting that should turn you into a savvy expert on the subject in no time, or to be more precise, in the time it takes for you to finish reading. Just what is green hosting anyways? Defined simply, green web 

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Server Consulting and Best Practices

Introduction Whether you’re an IT-specific organisation or not, most CEOs will tell you that their company would be up the creek without a paddle if their server went down. Having a server in great condition that performs to an excellent standard doesn’t just happen by accident, it’s a result of professional input and consultation. Your server is the heart of 

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your WordPress Go Super Fast!

When you are online, speed is everything. Did you know that a delay of even one second could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales? Shocked? According to a recent study, it’s true.No wonder its website is faster than 80% of all tested websites. Now that we have established the need for speed, let’s talk about WordPress. Many of you may 

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What to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Server uptime This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider, the reason being is that uptime is ultimately the dictating factor of availability and accessibility of your website and content. The server’s uptime is measured by uptime/downtime, which can be monitored either by third-parties such as Pingdom, Uptime Robot and StatusCake or by 

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Handling the Artistic Temperament as a Web Designer

One of the challenges that arises from being a web designer is that you have to operate in a unique position. You are an artist, but you are also a technical designer. You also have to translate the artistic vision communicated from the client into an actual website that meets the client’s expectations. If you find yourself struggling with handling 

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How Much Energy do Data Centers Consume?

For the world’s largest websites, web hosting companies, and businesses in various industries, data centers are the ‘heart and lungs’ of everything that they do. Describing a data center is difficult. Some people have likened them to small villages made up solely of computers, which is probably as accurate a description as you are going to get. Data centers are 

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On The Clock : 4 Hot Web Hosting Trends to Watch in 2013

Technology has promoted change across a broad range of sectors, but web hosting appears to be the one industry that has largely remained untouched — that’s if you’re only looking on the surface. The fact of the matter is that the hosting field has been forced to adapt just like any other vertical. The only difference is that most of 

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4 Different Services For Your E-Commerce Needs

The use of electronic commerce in web hosting packages is actually not a new idea because the concept has already been in existence even before it became popular in the worldwide web.  But this solution became such an effective tool for online businesses that today it is a must for almost any internet marketing campaign.   Big companies such as Amazon, 

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The Fight For Visibility: Standing Out as a WordPress Developer

Developers are the heart of the open source community. Their talents are directly responsible for the success of globally recognized projects such as Linux, Joomla, and the blogging platform known as WordPress. Thanks to the ongoing contributions of developers, WordPress is a robust, flexible application that can be enhanced through themes, plugins, and several other add-on components. But while the 

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