Plesk Error: Unable to access the file manager through plesk

Unable to access the file manager through Plesk. Getting Error: Unable to logon user(username): (1326) Logon failure: Unknown user name or bad bad password.

plesk error

For one of our domain names, the ‘File Manager’ could not be accessed through the Plesk control panel. The following error was encountered:

FileList::init() failed: ls_dir_wrapper() failed: Unable to logon user (CP\USER1):
(1326) Logon failure: unknown user name or bad bad password.
------------------- --- Debug Info Info ------------------------------ -
0: Info ------------------------------ -
0: htdocs\filemanager\filemanager .php:677

The resolution for the same is given below:

  1. Login to your server using Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Open the Command Prompt Window.
  3. Change current directory to Plesk Bin by running this command, cd %plesk_bin%
  4. Retrieve password of the domain owner from Parallels Panel database by running the following command:
    • dbclient.exe –direct-sql –sql=”select su.login, a.password from accounts a, sys_users su where and su.login=’USER1′ “
    • Where USER1 is the owner of the domain and can be taken from the error.
    • The output would be the username and corresponding password for the given domain name.
  5. Now you need to Synchnize the System Password with the retrieved password above for the given user.
  6. Open command prompt again, but do not change directory to Plesk this time.
  7. Run the following command at the command prompt:net user USER1 [email protected]You should get the output: The command completed successfully.
  8. You should be able to access the File Manger through Plesk by now.

If you are still not able to access the File Manger, you may wish to check the permissions of this user to see that the user is not disabled. To check this do the following:

  1. Log in to your server.
  2. Right click on My Computer.
  3. Click on Manage.
  4. Click on + next to the Local Users and Groups and click Users.
  5. Right click on USER1 (the concerned username) from the right panel.
  6. Click on Properties.
  7. On General tab make sure that Account is disabled is unchecked.
  8. You should be able to access File Manager through Plesk control panel now.