About Us

Please note that we no longer provide hosting to the general public. However, we will continue to provide personalized hosting and support to our existing customers. HostingITrust is a part of Ray Creations, a web design company; so we may host for a particular customer who wants us to maintain his/her site including hosting of the site. However, in most cases, we recommend different hosting companies to the customer depending on the type of website the customer has designed.

We want to develop HostingITrust as a resource where you can find news, reviews, and articles on the website hosting industry in general. We would like to write about the trends and developments in technology that directly or indirectly impact the hosting industry. We also accept articles from writers and authors who can share their expertise and knowledge of the hosting industry that can benefit the end user or visitor.

If you have any queries or require further information, you can write to us at info[@]hostingitrust.com